Peter Engh
Sonic Orbit Mics

Experience stunning clarity and flexibility in stereo recording with the SONIC ORBIT. If you have quality preamps and mics, including a figure 8, you are ready for something truly glorious.

Here's how it works...
1. Set your mics:

Use a cardioid as the "center" mic. Point it towards the source, as you would record mono.
Place the figure 8 mic sideways to the center mic for the “sides” pick-up. Keep the mics close together and capsule centers crossed.

Sonic Orbit + Box

2. Set Levels:
Connect the SONIC ORBIT between your mic
preamps and recorder inputs.
Monitoring from the recorder, now set the "center" mic level. Then, bring up the "sides" to adjust the width of the stereo effect.
Use the stereo image switch to select either a left/right or right/left soundstage.
The mics shown above will now pick up as two perfectly matched hypercardioids.

Headphone Box

3. Record:
The music mixes itself. Tweak positions of players or mics to get the perfect balance.

Sonic Orbit

Excellent for any type of band, vocal group, solo guitar, chamber orchestra, choir, studio multitracking, drums, etc., etc.